Tuesday, April 01, 2014

AudioMan Push to Talk

Let's talk Push to Talk
This is the latest product that I manufacture. The most common application for this box is for the “Voice of God” microphone at the stage manager’s desk. Many good quality microphones do not come with an on - off switch. Or even if they do, this Push to Talk Box can be placed in a more convenient position for quick and accurate operation without that annoying turn on thump.

This Product is made with the Highest Quality Components
  • Solid aluminum case rejects electromagnetic interference.

  • Vandal & weather resistant professional control equipment switches will withstand years of abuse.

  • Momentary On Type Switch.
  • Neutrik connectors. The industry standard.

  • Filled with industrial grade electrical potting epoxy making it rock solid for extended life.

The AudioMan Push to Talk will work with dynamic microphones as well as phantom powered condenser microphones.
Under normal conditions, this switch will not introduce a click or pop when activated.

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Christopher Springmann said...

We've had the "AudioMan Push to Talk" in our broadcast studio for over a year - and it's absolutely wonderful, elegant in its simplicity, as its sits atop the talk-back mic stand base.

It obvious that an enormous amount of care went into the design and construction by someone who actually used the device in production! We often hook up with NPR affiliates, the BBC, Canadian Broadcasting (CBC), and private studios via ISDN. The Push To Talk totally eliminates the need to mute (i.e. disarm) the talk-back mic in ProTools. I probably don't need to remind you that accidental silly verbal stuff happens outside the booth that really, REALLY doesn't need to go out on the air because someone forgot to slide a fader or mute the talk-back mic. This eliminates that source of grief and worry.

SysDo said...

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