Tuesday, April 29, 2014

AudioMan ISO Box

AudioMan ISO Box
Here is a great circuit you can purchase from me to combine two separate intercom systems together. This "in-Line" adapter can also be used in place of the ubiquitous "IL-19". I fit this circuit into a small (3.5"X1.5"X1.5") aluminum box filled with epoxy. The epoxy makes the internal components rock solid for extended life.

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Intercom Combiner
This intercom adapter is real handy for touring rock shows that tie into house intercom systems every night to call spotlight Cues. The arena can keep it's own intercom base station turned on, use their own headsets and beltpacks and deal with their own noise and bad cable problems without causing any interference with the touring intercom system. As long as you place this isolation transformer between your road system and the house system, they are completely transformer isolated! It will also pass 2 channel signals, combine any brand of analog 3 pin XLR systems (ie; RTS to ClearCom, HME to Telex or any combination), and keep system voltages and grounds completely separate.

The AudioMan ISO Box can be added to the end of a string of belt packs and plugged into a powered speaker to monitor intercom conversation without having to wear a headset. Or you can patch into a recording device to keep a log of show conversation. Or you can use it the other way around and patch a line level audio track into the beltpack string.

The capacitors are there to stop any voltage (phantom power, intercom power supply 12V - 48V) from damaging the transformer coils.

Audio Isolation Transformer
Both pin 3 and pin 2 resolve to pin 1 (ground) via the circuit which allows this device to work as an audio terminator. This also
allows you to use this adapter as a very clean and efficient line level isolation transformer.
 A partial list of places where you can see the ISO Box at work:  
Clair Brothers, Cirque du Soleil, Lion King, PRG, Solotech, Creative Technology Inc, Lake Shore AV, Allstate Arena, Auditorium Theater (Chicago), Thunder Audio, ClairGlobal, The Joffrey Ballet, and scores of road technicians throughout the country.

This device has a flat response from 20Hz to 25kHz ± 1.5dB. With a 3dB roll off @ 16Hz!

I sell this product for $69.95 plus shipping which is usually around $5.50 to anywhere in the lower 48 States via USPS Priority Mail. Delivery is typically 2-3 days.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

AudioMan Push to Talk

Let's talk Push to Talk
This is the latest product that I manufacture. The most common application for this box is for the “Voice of God” microphone at the stage manager’s desk. Many good quality microphones do not come with an on - off switch. Or even if they do, this Push to Talk Box can be placed in a more convenient position for quick and accurate operation without that annoying turn on thump.

This Product is made with the Highest Quality Components
  • Solid aluminum case rejects electromagnetic interference.

  • Vandal & weather resistant professional control equipment switches will withstand years of abuse.

  • Momentary On Type Switch.
  • Neutrik connectors. The industry standard.

  • Filled with industrial grade electrical potting epoxy making it rock solid for extended life.

The AudioMan Push to Talk will work with dynamic microphones as well as phantom powered condenser microphones.
Under normal conditions, this switch will not introduce a click or pop when activated.

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